Teaching students aged 7 to 27

What facilities do we provide?

Our Prospect home-based studio is very comfortable. It is fully equipped with:

  • High ceilings;
  • Wooden floors;
  • A rehearsal mirror;
  • Keyboard;
  • Microphones;
  • CD player with key and tempo changing capabilities, and:
  • A P.A. system.

We record lessons to CD and students are provided with a CD recording of each lesson which they can use for home-practice purposes.

Opposite the studio is a lounge area where students can wait before and after their lessons. It is equipped with a CD player and students are able to warm-up there before their lessons if they wish. Guardians may also wait in the lounge area while their child is in lesson.

We have a large music library of CDs, Backing CDs and print music which is updated regularly, and which caters to a wide range of styles and tastes. Students are able to use items from this library during lesson time. They are SOMETIMES able to borrow selected print music for use at home, provided that they have signed their enrolment form testifying to the fact that they will abide by Australian Copyright Law and not make any illegal copies of the music, and also that they pay a deposit totaling the cost of the music which will be refunded to them in full upon the item's safe return. Pre-recorded CDs are generally not for home loan.

Allison Bourke
Our Prospect Studio
T: 08 8342 0523 F: 08 8342 0178