Teaching students aged 7 to 27

What are our fees?

We offer a Weekly One Hour Lessons at $55.50 per hour (including GST).

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What is our lesson structure?

Our One Hour, Individual, Studio lessons comprise 45 - 50 minutes active work, and 10 - 15 minutes of discussion and administration.


Upon discussion, concession may be made for students to pay full-rate fees on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Amaranth Music does not offer fortnightly Half Hour lessons.

Concession students paying on a lesson-by-lesson basis are required to settle their account at the beginning of each lesson. Concession students need to take particular note of Amaranth Music's Cancellation Policy.

How is fee payment made?

Full Term Advanced Fee Payments may be paid using one of the following methods:

  • Cash (please supply the correct change);
  • Cheque (made out to Amaranth Music);
  • Direct Transfer (via internet or branch).

Weekly, lesson-by-lesson, concession fees need to be paid in correct cash payments at the beginning of each lesson.

Sorry, we do not accept credit card payments.

Allison Bourke
Our Prospect Studio
T: 08 8342 0523 F: 08 8342 0178