Teaching students aged 7 to 27

So, how do we get started?

You've started already! Reading carefully through this website is the first step to getting started at Amaranth.

It's important to us that Amaranth Students and Teachers feel well-suited to each other:- that their respective goals and needs are able to be met in lessons together. The information here provides enquiring students with a basic understanding of Amaranth's teaching approach and practices so that they may start to determine the school's level of compatibility with their own aims.

What happens next?

When an enquiring student has read this Information Booklet and determined that they would like to try taking a lesson at Amaranth, they need to contact us to schedule a One Hour Audition Lesson with Allison, our Singing Teacher.


Help!!! An Audition?!?!

Don't panic!!! This is not intended to be a scary experience!!!
It is not an exam. An examination panel will not be present. Students are not expected to prepare, or to have any previous singing knowledge or experience. In fact, they do not even need to be able to sing in tune!!! Students will not be harshly assessed or berated. Allison aims to be very kind and supportive in this, and all other singing lessons.

The One Hour Audition Lesson is intended to offer the student and Allison an opportunity to discuss each other's needs and expectations of lessons, and to explore how well they are able to work together. It is a chance for them both to assess their compatibility and to determine whether they would like to continue working together in regular lessons. Students can consider the One Hour Audition Lesson to be a chance for them to audition Allison as a prospective teacher, as much as it is a chance for Allison to audition them as prospective students.

Payment of a $60 fee is required at the beginning of the One Hour Audition Lesson.

More information on The One Hour Audition Lesson...

What then?

At the end of the One Hour Audition Lesson, enquiring students are able to immediately make their decision as to whether they would like to enrol for lessons with Allison at Amaranth Music.Alternatively, they may choose to leave the studio and further consider their choice, contacting us at a later date should they wish to schedule a regular lesson time.

In the event that Allison determines that she is not able to best meet an enquiring student's needs, she will attempt to refer them to a teacher who may be a more compatible to them.

What does enrolment involve?

When a student books in for regular lessons, they will be issued with an enrolment form that needs to be signed before lessons can commence. The enrolment form does not obligate the student to continue a fixed-term of lessons. Students are able to stop lessons at any time. The enrolment form simply ensures that the school has record of important student details. It also confirms that the student accepts the Terms and Conditions of taking lessons with Amaranth Music. Amaranth Music's Terms and Conditions are issued to students along with their enrolment form.

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